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Harbour City Opera Club is a renowned name in not only Sydney but the entire New South Wales and other parts of the country. We have carved a niche for ourselves in organising exceptional opera shows and other similar musical events. We have an experienced team of professionals and popular artists who work tirelessly to entertain our viewers. Our main aim is to keep you entertained with some riveting music and shows so that you can enjoy the beauty of music all around. Our opera singers are world class trained professionals who keep you glued to your seats as they entice you with their voices.

Welcome to Harbour City Opera Club

We offer the best possible entertainment for music lovers

We organise opera and other music events throughout the year.

You can book seats in advance, so you don’t face any difficulty.

The tickets for our shows are not at all costly, so everyone can come.

You can relish the shows with exceptional food and drinks.

Who We Are

Harbour City Opera Club is a Sydney based company that organised opera shows and other musical events for the viewers. Operas lovers from every corner of the country, New South Wales and Sydney, visit our shows and return with a memorable experience. If you are planning for some amazing musical performances, including opera, then you must contact us and check out for the upcoming shows. We have a very busy calendar because every month we have different opera shows and musical events. Harbour City Opera Club always strive to deliver the best possible result so that the spectators can get the value of their money. For us the show must go on and to ensure it is the best show people witness, we practise stringently, choose passionate artists with talent, and ensure everything is organised to avoid discord. We do our best to present the best shows all year round.

Our Strength

Our biggest strength is our reliability. Harbour City Opera Club has emerged as a reliable company in Sydney, New South Wales, that deliver the best opera shows without any fail. We are backed by a team of professionals who pay attention to every minute detail Professionals from Bond Cleaning Sydney, the reputed company for end of lease cleaning Sydney , clean and sanitise our premise for a safe and pleasant experience. Whether it is setting the stage and lightings, coordinating with the artists, organising the spectators or providing them exceptional food and drinks, we provide unmatched service to our valued customers. All our opera shows and other music events are of international standard, and our spectators enjoy at the best price. That is why we are so reliable. Book the shows today!

Our Artists

Apart from a massive team of professionals in Sydney, we also have a talented bunch of singers, dancers and musicians. All our artists have expertise in their respected field and highly experienced. Therefore, they deliver a flawless performance in each and every show. Whether it is opera or any other music like pop and rock, all our singers are word-class and have performed worldwide. We also give a chance to young and talented artists, be it individually or as a group. Our quality of the artists explains the standard of our shows. We are not a bunch of prudes, which is why you can showcase your talent and art to us without hesitation and we guarantee to view & analyse it without bias. If you want to be a part of our Sydney shows, you can give the audition and get selected.

Our Diversity

Although Harbour City Opera Club is known for organising stunning opera shows in Sydney, we also understand the divergent choices and culture of the people. Therefore, we also organise different types of pop, rock and country music. Owing to our diversity, we have successfully created a huge fan base in Sydney and the entire New South Wales. We try to organise all types of musical events almost every month so that more and more people can get involved with us. If you want to know about our upcoming shows, then you should visit the section that has ample information about our upcoming events. For us variety is the spice of life and without it, art will become monotone and dull. Thus, we encourage people from all walks of life to participate. We want to hear a medley of tunes that will make the crowds in Sydney go mad. If you want to practice or showcase your true skills here and create some great music, then come on down here. You will soon be a regular here and will enjoy the beautiful collection of tunes that captivates people. Come take part in a daring adventure where music will fill your whole life.

Upcoming Shows  
Opera: Ordinary Woman Upcoming: 28th March Book & Tickets
Opera: The Choir of Enemy Upcoming: 5th April Book & Tickets
Opera: The Last Wish Upcoming: 12th May Book & Tickets
Dance Drama: Soul of a Woman Upcoming: 12 May Book & Tickets

Our Journey

Started as a small performing arts company with only a couple of professionals and artists, Harbour City Opera Club went on to become a massive name in the musical genre in Australia. Our company works with a mission to perform some of the greatest musical events for as many people as possible. We started performing opera shows and other musical events and concerts in various small venues in Sydney, like basketball courts and community halls. With every show, we gather more spectators and now perform at the highest level with the most popular artists. You can now watch our best operas in Australian cinemas and all over the world. As one of the busiest opera companies in the world, we present more than 300 performances every year. Around half a million people can enjoy our work on stage, and many more people can experience our radio broadcasts. We are one of the biggest names among opera lovers in Sydney.

Young Artist Program

If you believe that you have the skills and passion for becoming a part of our opera shows or other musical events, then you can contact us and give auditions. We conduct a young artist program in Sydney to nurture the young talented artists in Sydney and give them a platform do build a career for themselves. Whether you want to be a part of our conductor team, Chorus team, Creative group, Orchestra, or Principal artists, we can contact us and give an audition. We have a highly experienced team of professionals and artists who take the audition choose the best ones. For the last many years, we are running this program that has helped many young and talented artists. They have developed professionally and performed in various shows with us. If you need more information on how you can give an audition to be a part of us, visit the audition page. You will find everything in detail..

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Upcoming: 28th March| Duration: 120 minutes
Director: Henry Taylor
Artists: HenryOliver Smith, Noah Jones, Thomas Brown, David Miller.

Ordinary Woman is a story of a young and ordinary woman who struggles in almost every sphere of her life. However, she fights back every time and resolves her issues. The young woman meets her love interest and how it changes everything in a dramatically manner.

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Upcoming: 5th April | Duration: 120 minutes
Director: Gorge Adamson
Artists:Olivia Alexandra, Tony Anderson, Jack Bailey, Stacy Barnes

The choir of the enemy is a story of a post-war situation that revolves around a soldier and his wife. The story highlights the emotional turmoil that the couple goes through and the challenges they face. It also emphasises the problems that a soldier face after a war.

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Upcoming: 12th May | Duration: 120 minutes
Director: Jack Bayton
Artists:Elli Atkinson, Kate Davison, Mathew Milligan, Harry Cahill

The Last Wish is a story of a young girl who is suffering from cancer and her mother who feels helpless. The mother helps her daughter to fulfil all her wishes one by one but find it very difficult to complete the last wish.

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Upcoming: 14th June | Duration: 120 minutes
Director: Mile Bosnich
Artists:Emily Carter, Lori Clough, Grace Chancellor, Rebecca Hewett

Soul of a Woman is a popular dance drama that portrays challenges that women face in their personal and professionals life. This show will not only entertain you but also give you a beautiful message and motivation.

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Upcoming: 20th to 23rd July
Director: Several Groups

Harbour City Opera Club is also organising a rock concert in Sydney for all the young music lovers who are passionate about Rock genre. Individual artist and bands from all over Australia and the world will participate in a 3-day concert. It will be a memorable concert for everyone.

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Upcoming: 11th August | Duration: 150 minutes
Director: Emily Warner
Artists:Allan Bell, Mark Ryan, Adam Petratos, Elise Cowan

Eternal Love is the story of a mother and son and their strong bond. It holds special appeal for the audiences with its remarkable music and dramatic performance. A team of very popular and experienced musicians have performed in it, which makes it so special.

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Upcoming: 2nd September | Duration: 60 minutes
Director: Mark Warner
Artists:Stacy Clough, Grace Carter, Emily Hewett, David Smith

Harbour City Opera Club is also organising a dance drama for the kids. All our performers will be between 10 years to 15 years. Experienced director Mark Warner has worked with the kids, and they will grab your attention for sure.

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