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Meet Our Team

Main Artist

She is with us for the last four years and doing an excellent job. Stacey is very popular among the audience for her exceptional voice, remarkable beauty, warmth, expression and the way she portrays her character. She is one of our main artists and closely works with the team.

Main Artists

Born in Sydney, Richard has received musical training from a very young age. He is popular for playing some exceptional roles in our opera shows, and the audience loved him for his powerful voice and the intensity with which he acts. Richard is with us for the last five years.

Main Artist

Argentine-Australian Paulo is undoubtedly one of the best operatic artists of his generation. He has received appreciation across the world for his rich, smooth, thrilling top notes, powerful voice as well as his captivating stage presence. He has worked with all leading opera companies and has recently joined us.


David is one of the best and highly popular opera conductors in Australia. He completed his studies in music and went on to perform with the best groups in the world. His conducting opera performances are above 650 performances, and he has received many awards. David joined us three years back, and since then, he is helping our team.


Andrew is one of the most promising conductors and has the ability to make it to the international level. We took his audition a few years back and decided to include him in our team. He has quickly become popular and went on to become a key member of the team.


Amelia is with us for the last three years, and she manages all the shows. From the costume and stage to the audience and artists, Amelia pays attention to every possible sphere and make sure that all our shows get executed in the best possible manner. She is doing an excellent job as a manager.


John is another important member of the team and takes care of the audience. From the distribution of the tickets to ensuring that all our audience enjoy the show without any hassles, he takes care of everything. John is with us for more than two years and managed more than 350 shows.


She is one of the most accomplished creative directors and choreographers in Sydney and working with us for almost three years. Apart from stage, she has performed in several films and TV shows and musical theatre. She has experience working with the most prestigious production companies and has received several awards.

Creative Team

Julia is an experienced and highly talented artist. She helps our artists to decorate a stage in the best possible manner. She has expertise in setting the stage as per the theme of the performance, and as a result, it becomes easier for the audience to get connected.


Amy is one of the most accomplished dance talents in the country and has a career that is spanning all spheres of the entertainment industry. She helped our artists with Choreography and make sure that the shows become perfect ones. Amy is working for the last two years and received many awards.


Peter is working with us for the last year and has managed over 100 shows already. He makes sure that everything on the stage is perfect before the shows start. From the artists to the lights and sound, he manages everything perfectly. Peter has worked with many prestigious opera companies.

PR and Marketing

Paul is another key member of our team, and he takes care of the promotional events. With the help of his skills and networking, we try to reach as many people as possible. Paul is working with us for more than five years and heading a team of five members.

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