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Harbour City Opera Club takes pride in offering world-class opera shows and other musical events to its audience. We have a team of experienced professionals and skilled artists who make sure that the audience returns home with a memorable experience. Within a short span, we have emerged as a reliable name in this genre. Several popular, as well as young artists, are associated with us because we organise numerous shows every month. Our shows hold a special appeal for the people because of their spectacular music and dramatic performance. We are one of the busiest opera companies in the world because we organise more than 300 shows annually. People can not only see our shows on the stage but can also tune into the radio broadcasts. We are one of the biggest employers in the arts industry of the country, employing a massive range of people, which includes stage managers, scenic artists, wig-makers, costume designers, to name just a few.

Why We Are a Reputed Name in Sydney?

Harbour City Opera Club is a reputed name in the entertainment and art sphere because we deliver the best shows to the audience without fail. Not only that, but we also understand the diverse requirement of the people, so we try to provide different musical events to fulfil the demand of music lovers in New South Wales. On top of that we also make sure that the costs of our ticket are not too expensive, so more and more people can enjoy the shows. If you want to know about our shows that will organise in 2021, visit our home page or specialised page of upcoming shows.

Our Professionals and Artists

We take pride in having an efficient team of professionals who are highly experienced and have in-depth knowledge of managing opera and other musical shows. They pay attention to every minute detail and make sure that the artists can deliver a fantastic show in an organised and smooth manner. We have a very strict system and different parameters to choose our professionals. We also provide them with proper training so they can be ready to take on the latest challenges.

We also have a massive number of artists who perform in Opera and musical events. They are highly talented and have years of experience. We have seasoned conductors, a Creative Group, a Chorus team, Orchestra, as well as principal artists. Over the years, all our artists have gathered a reputation from our audience by delivering some stunning performances. All our professionals and artists have helped us to become what we are today.

We also have a young artists program. In this program, we take an audition to choose talented artists and provide them with a much-needed platform. This platform helped them to reach new heights. If you believe that you have the talent and passion to become a part of our musical events, in particular Opera, then you can send your sample. To know more, you can visit the audition page directly.


Our Vision and Mission

At Harbour City Opera Club, we work with a vision of providing the best opera shows to our audience. We take every single show very seriously and make tireless efforts to make it a memorable one. We take the help of your best professionals and most talented artists so our audience can easily connect with us emotionally.

Our mission is to become the best opera company not only in Australia but the entire world. When it comes to music events and concerts, harbour city opera club should be considered as the most reliable name. We want to take opera to a whole new level and increased its popularity throughout the world.


Our Values

We are a reputed company not only because of our world-class opera shows and musical events but also because we respect our values and always follow them. We always strive to provide the best possible shows at a reasonable price. We understand the significance of Opera in the Australian culture, so we try our level best to justify with each and every shows. We respect all types of music, so along with opera, we also make efforts to organise dance, drama, rock and pop music events.

Our Patrons

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